2021-2022 Fulton County Virtual Technology Competition

Welcome to the 2021-2022 FCS Virtual Technology Competition

The student registration window is now open until 12/4/2021 (Saturday) 11:59PM. The official project submission window will open from 12/6/2021 (Monday) 8:30AM to 12/16/2021 (Thursday) 11:59PM. TIMELINE INFORMATION: *11/15 (Monday) 8:30AM ~ 12/4 (Saturday) 11:59PM - Student Registration *12/6 (Monday) 8:30AM ~ 12/16 (Thursday) 11:59PM - Project Submission Window *January - Judging Window *February - County Results Announced

Student Registration Now Opens until 12/4 (Saturday) 11:59PM

Before 12/4/2021 (Saturday) 11:59PM, Students and parents can register at https://fulton.stemwizard.com. Team registration for 2 must be completed at the same time for Member #1 & #2. Each member is responsible to enter his/her own shirt size. Only one member needs to submit project information during the registration process. Full registration also includes enter project information and shirt size. Between 12/6/2021 (Monday) 8:30AM and 12/16/2021 (Thursday) 11:59PM, students must complete project details and submit a video recording of their project presentation at https://fulton.stemwizard.com. Students must make sure that all access and viewing permission are granted during the project submission process. Projects are submitted as video presentation. Review the Virtual Submission Guidelines at https://tinyurl.com/fcstechvirtual for additional details. All project submission is due no later than 12/16/2021 (Thursday) 11:59PM.

For technical questions and support, please contact your event administrator